An Open Letter to our Readers

Be ashamed to die until you have done something beneficial to humanity “– Horace Mann

Consider the following different, yet related stories. These stories all beautiful, based on real life experiences, explain the concept, “the smaller the purpose, the more meaningful”.

Mr. Smith is 80 years old, and his son who is 8 years old lives with him in a popular city in Nigeria. He has twenty-one children from seven wives. As at the time of this documentation, he was to be ejected from his rented apartment because he was owing on his rent. His family was reached to help, but his children made a case around his not taking care of them while growing up and in retaliation, they were not going to help him now that he is in need.

I am not equipped to talk about whether what the children did was the right or wrong thing to do as doing that will bring about a discussion loaded with assumptions. What is clear to me is that everyone deserves dignity. Caring for the elderly and reducing elder abuse is what we live for at DAGOMO. With this at the back of our minds and with the help of his fourteenth child, we were able to inspect other buildings to find him a new shelter.

Life is short” is one cliché people do not like to hear. They say it is considered unoriginal, and some people do not even know what it means. It does not translate to blowing up all your savings because you may die soon! No! It means, being skeptical but never cynical, it means, being ashamed to die until you have done something beneficial to humanity. Are you still thinking of what you can do?… You can become a super volunteer, like some of our current volunteers featured below:

  1. Mr. Kiji is a native of the town, who joins us in carrying out grassroots advocacy, people listen to him because he is held in high regard.
  2. Mrs. Bodia is experienced in religious outreaches for youth and prisoners. She understands empathy, which is why she has decided to always help the elderly in the area of welfare.
  3. Cletus on the other hand is another kind person, who other than giving clothes and food to the elderly takes out time to visit, just to sing for them.
  4. Dayo is a barrister, her visual impairment does not stop her from being kind and understanding. She considers herself privileged and offers her time in service at DAGOMO, providing legal advices and as a facilitator for adult literacy classes for some of our beneficiaries

DAGOMO Foundation runs a wellness program on Thursday every week and this gives volunteers a platform to help the elderly. We do routine medical checkups, adult literacy classes, legal services etc. all at no cost to our beneficiaries.

GOOECC Weekly Wellness Program
DAGOMO Enlightenment Program

Finally, there is a list of selected days to celebrate the elderly around us. Caring for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors known to us. These days comprise:

  • October 1- International Day of Older Persons
  • June 1- Global Day of Parents
  • June 15- World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

On selected days like these, we encourage as many of us who can, to seek opportunities to do something beneficial for the older persons around us…

DAGOMO Foundation is always available for collaboration to positively impact the lives of older persons in Nigeria. We would also appreciate the help of volunteers with expertise in any of the above areas to boost the work we do.

Please call us on 0817 124 2444 for any inquiries or contributions.