As told by madam ABC.

Madam ABC, is a Dagomo Foundation beneficiary. She is different from others. Always quiet and distant from others, seldom talks but when she does intelligent and weighty.
She was highly educated, fluent in some foreign and local lingos. She was full of culture and pedigree, rather colonial.

Today, she told me her story, which began with “Emma, old age is full of pain and weaknesses, I wish God would set me free, take me away.
At seventy Plus, I’m doing overtime”.
Then she began her fascinating story.

Her Youth was full of glamour and attention,she travelled the world as a pioneer hostess for the Nigerian airways.
Her beautiful and composure attracted the high and mighty that could afford air travel then.

She soon became friends with the Military, Monarchs, Expatriates, Businessmen, and show biz personalities.
She was a constant visitor at the seat of power, then in Lagos, invited by the rulers and their clique.

She was present at Chieftaincy installations, Owanbe and Highlife parties, as she hobnobbed with the Ellan and Eclat. She thought her youthfulness was eternal and forgot to get married or have children. She accumulated wealth and fame, but was left empty.

As the years passed, her glamour and glamorous life began to fade.
None of the highly placed men asked her for marriage, neither sired any children with her.
At sixty, she accepted her lonely faith, as even relations she had previously snubbed stayed away. Her health declined, and she got used to loneliness.

Until the day she strayed into DAGOMO, and asked, if we could provide her with Novels by James Hadley Chase.

Emmanuel Oribhabor.